Adamas June 5, 2018

After spending a few days in Athens, I flew to Milos, one of the numerous Greek islands of the Cyclades. This one caught my attention when I made some researches online. The major things appealing to me are the quietness, the hikes and Sarakiniko. Plus, starting from one extreme part of the Cyclades (West) to the other one (East), I took the opportunity to make a few boat trips happen. And this, let me tell you, was the best idea I could get !

Meanwhile, here are some shots of the inner city called Adamas. That’s where the main harbour is located as it’s the biggest city of the island. That’s also where I stayed while in Milos as it’s pretty convenient (shops, taxis, buses, hike, vegan options, harbour etc.). I visited several villages and they don’t “have it all” like Adamas even if they are cute(r) though.

The only thing missing is a decent beach. Yet, there is Lagada Beach but it’s small. Pollonia is doing better about it, however there’s almost nothing to do there. So… choices have to be made and mine was Adamas. The island is small, it’s no big deal to rent a vehicle, call a taxi or take a bus to go outside the main city.