Avril 2018 April 30, 2018

Let’s sum up this past month with a few shots :
Santorini was my travel of the month, that’s why this post is mostly about the island.
Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice-creams finally reached Paris (available at Monoprix) !
Penguin Classics collection of books offer the best short stories to take with you anywhere you go (ie Oscar Wilde’s Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime)
– I had lunch at Riz Riz recently, a new Parisian vegan restaurant which meals are mostly based on rice. It’s located at 221 rue Saint Martin, Paris 3ème.
Stella McCartney Falabella bag always with me on the go, even overseas, as it’s both convenient and nice looking to me.
Givenchy grey skinny jeans because sometimes I am tired of all black outfits (sometimes, yes, it happens)
– Santorini is not really vegan-friendly… but it’s not a big deal either. I found several (junk) food on the go like falafels, French fries, cookies, Paleo kinda-I-don’t-know-what and… Flapjack oat bars ! Those are wow ! I found them at several mini market in Oia and Thira. The ones with the icing are vegeterian but the ones in picture are totally vegan. My favorite were coconut, blueberry and cherry.
– There’s an organic grocery store in the center of Thira called Green Market (Google Maps is your friend). They got all you need to cook organic meals (gluten-free options, rice flour, tofu, vegan treats etc.) including fresh fruits and veggies.
– Also managed to find an açai bowl at 5 Senses Fresh .