Black in Santorini

Wearing one of my usual almost full black outfit for a moment out in Santorini. Girls, here heels are ok only if you go to point A to point B by taxi by the way. Streets are not easy to walk on, it’s Lisbon style (up and downs, old pavements etc.). So, what about Santorini ? It’s like all the photos you see on social media, it’s beautiful !

My strategy to visit the island is to stay at Thira and do round trips from there. As it’s the center of the island, everything is at a 30min ride maximum. If you want a viewpoint and a quiet atmosphere, book an accommodation at La Caldera, the most beautiful part of the town. The city center is busy but if you plan to only take the bus or are on a budget it’s way more convenient as all buses go from and to Thira and are comfortable. Keep that in mind if renting a car is not your thing. Also, La Caldera is way more about high-end hotels and restaurants. The city center is more about casualness and street food.

Stella McCartney Falabella Bag & blush Sandals
ASOS cut out top & big knit
Givenchy round sunglasses

    April 15th, 2018