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Bureau May 27, 2018

My favorite area in my flat is the one I use as an office. As a freelancer, I take and edit photos at home pretty often as the natural light is amazing there. A big window let the sunshine get in at the most convenient times of the day, that’s how I get the bright whitish tones on my shots, including the ones I publish on my blog.

This area is where I have lunch too looking at the quiet view featuring the Eiffel Tower, rooftops and trees.

My floor is black but I artificially turned it into white there thanks to a carpet. The thing is, I sometimes need to use thin light backgrounds for flatlays that would let appear a faded color version of the floor. That’s why black here is more a liability than anything else. So white it temporarily became.

When it comes to work on my laptop, I’d rather be in a darker room though. I think it’s the most efficient way to control contrasts and avoid missing details on my photos.