Colours June 12, 2018

When I came across this wall in Naxos, I recalled a famous quote telling something about wearing black and white but still living a life full of colors. Looking back at when I started taking the black and white aesthetic seriously, asking myself questions about the how and why I am so attracted to it, I realize that showed up and kept growing up inside me bigger and bigger day after day from the moment I decided to make smart adventures happen into my life.

The idea about black and white aesthetic is often misunderstood. The ones into it are seen as extreme types, with an all of nothing kind of mindset. Truth is, it’s all about picking one direction and sticking to it. Where you put your energy into on a daily basis, including details, can distract you and delay your success dramatically. So it’s about setting goals and make things happen for real. Then, when you’re done, you turn yourself to another bigger goal.

During the journey that leads to your goals, you’ll definitely be everything but extreme. You analyze all possibilities, you think out of the box, you calculate risks, you try lots of things etc. You explore so much that you only live a surprising inner life. Then, at the end, the final result astonish everybody, especially yourself. Black and white is about dedication. Jumping into a project and do not stop until you win somehow. It’s about craving knowledge through experiences.

White represents the obvious, black the unknown. It’s about crossing all kinds of knowledge to get one of a kind results. I came across the black and white aesthetic randomly and progressively. I did not put any thought into it until last year. I guess the b&w thing started intuitively. Exception might be nature because it’s bigger than humanity. I have no problem to surround myself with greens, flowers, fruits, brown mountains, blue views and so on. When it comes to human creation (material stuff like clothing, decoration, architecture etc.) it’s only about black and white in my mind though.