Milos Hike June 7, 2018

Considering making a stop at Milos during your holidays in the Cyclades ? After Sarakiniko, I definitely recommend you the hiking route from Adamas to Plaka. Sure, you need to love to walk in the first place but you don’t need to be super fit as it’s an easy path. You’ll get a chance to visit several cute villages in your way like Triovasalos, Katifora and Klimatovouni before reaching your final destination. Plus, you get the views !

We did it and it was amazing ! Load the route on Google Maps, just make sure to avoid the big road dedicated to vehicles in Adamas then you’re set up. And bring a bottle of water with you as it’s hard to find a mini market there. The scenery is beautiful and you can manage your time as you want to. There are restaurants and buses in all villages. They  are also all about 15 minutes by foot from each other. The only exception is from Adamas to the first village, you’ll have to walk about 40 minutes.

Remember shops and restaurants are mostly close during the afternoon (nap time hello). The way back is faster as go down the hills but you can also take the bus to go back to Adamas (just check the timetables, there are only a few buses during the day and none by night).