Noël January 2, 2018

Parisian aesthetics as I spent Christmas time with my family in a Parisian flat. My family lives in Paris, so lucky we are to see each other frequently and make the holiday breaks easy. Here we are, all reunited around a vegan dinner. It’s the second vegan Christmas we organized but this time, we prepared different meals from last year.

We cooked a bit of a lot of things : lasagna, gluten-free pizzas, bûche glacée, veggies, potatoes, galette des rois, falafels, sushis, pasta, pancakes, fruits etc. Too much of everything but it was so good we finished it all the day after. As you noticed, there were no theme, especially no standard Christmas food as we just cooked all we wanted at the time. Because why not.

Just a tip if you celebrate Christmas in Paris : the city is vegan friendly ! We bought everything at :
Mon épicerie végétale : 31 rue des Gravilliers, 75003
La Vie Claire : 13 organic shops
Naturalia : 16 organic shops 
Bio C Bon : 19 organic shops
Monoprix : everywhere in Paris