Sarakiniko June 5, 2018

This is what brought me to Milos : Sarakiniko. Never heard of the island before making some researches about the Cyclades and finding out this surreal place exists. It’s a one of a kind white beach as it looks like a desert meeting clear water.  This so-called “Moon Beach” is 10min away by car from Adamas, Milos’ inner city.

I came early in the morning as I’ve been warned that this place get busy pretty quickly. I managed to enjoy the Moon Beach until 11am, then it got too crowded for me. My thing is to feel on my own while in nature, I am bothered when I hear and see people as I can’t relax, I feel like something is off. Nature equals peace to me.

So… if you plan to go to Sarakiniko keep in mind that the place is quiet a few hours in the morning, then you get into the “social” vibe.