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Vegan Grocery Shopping December 6, 2016

I think we all tend to consume some specific food regularly as they became our favorite ingredients/foods/meals because they are tasty, easy to cook, quick to deal with, contain nutrients improving our well-being etc. Today, I wanted to share my staple foods as I love to cook but also, and mainly, make the best from the less. A minimalist state of mind I use also in fashion by the way. I made three parts : fav grocery stores, basic foods and fav occasional foods. Here are my favorites (click on the accordion below to read the full content) …

Naturalia Vegan : 149 rue de Rome, Paris 17 & 39 rue Merlin, Paris 11

Mon Epicerie Végétale : 31 Rue des Gravilliers, Paris 3

Un Monde Vegan : 64 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris 3

Bio C Bon & Biocoop : organic stores everywhere in Paris

Veggies : My basics! I don’t need to tell how healthy veggies are, I spent years without them, now I can’t live without them as I learnt how to cook them. My favorite recipe is to put in a pan a bit of water, tomato sauce, spices (garlic, cayenne pepper, curry, curcuma, black pepper) and veggies (mushrooms, pumpkin, zucchinis, carrots, broccolis) and leave the whole thing to marinate. I eat this alone or with starches. I eat lots of mushrooms, tomatoes and broccolis as I also cook them for my pizzas. I love asian veggie meals made of bean sprouts, peppers, black mushrooms, carrots and coriander. + Fibers, nutrients.

Fruits : I drink water when I wake up and eat my breakfast at least 2 hours later. Meanwhile, I work out, and, most importantly, I give time to my body to wake up. In order to make the process of digestion smooth the whole day, I start with fruits made of a lot of water like melons in summer. + Easy to digest, lots of water, fibers, nutrients.

Drinks : Mainly water (1,5l per day), sparkling or table. Once a week or so : coffee and kombucha (lemon and pomegranate from Karma Kombucha, in organic stores). I love sweetened almond and coconut milks but only use them while cooking. I rarely drink juices (no nutrients, only white sugar : I avoid that) or drink alcohol (not my thing, I end up picking that option when I feel bored most of the time). Never : highly processed drinks.

Oats : I use them for pizzas and pancakes mixed with whole wheat or rye flour and water for the dough. I also cook oatmeals from time to time (I mix oats with water in a pan, it also works in micro-wave for busy people) with nuts (almonds, cashew, hazelnuts…) and fruits (berries, bananas…) on the top. Oats are great both for sweet and savory meals. + Tons of fibers, great source of energy for several hours (complex carbs).

Nutritional yeast : I put them over my savory meals made of starches or veggies. I also mix it with soya sauce for pasta carbonara style meals. It looks like flakes, both crusty and cheesy. My favorite brand is Merkal, available in organic stores. +50% of proteins, tons of fibers, tasty on its own.

Jasmine rice : My favorite rice! I eat small portions of it as it’s white rice (a few amount of fibers, equivalent of white sugar) with veggies and nutritional yeast. + Strong smell and taste.

Dates : My staple sweet source! I never use refined sugar, I just mix gooey Medjoul or Mazafati dates and put the dough in cakes’ doughs or porridges. + Strong sweet taste, raw, natural.

Complex flours : I mainly use whole wheat or rye flours for my pizzas, cakes, bread etc. I also use thiner flours to play with the textures like ones made of whole rice or lupin (about 30% of proteins). I love to mix them to have perfectly made doughs and bases. + Energie for hours, doughs and bases on point.

Superfoods : I do my best to add an extra touch of superfood to all my meals as they barely alter the original recipes. I love açai bowls (raw açai powder at Un Monde Vegan, frozen at Welcome Bio), chia seeds go everywhere (tasteless and replace eggs and gluten when mixed with water), mac powder goes into my cakes, I pick the kale and quinoa base when I have lunch at Jour, I enjoy snacking on pomegranades watching movies and series, turmeric is everywhere I cook veggies etc. + Easy to use, easy to mix, tons of interesting nutrients, immune system protection

French fries : I wash carefully organic potatoes, cut them into pieces with the skin to keep the nutrients, mix them with Maïzena flour in a bowl, put them on a baking tray and bake them for about 40min. I wish it took me less than one hour each time I crave them. + : Healthy, amazing digestion.

Raw faux cheese : My favorite faux cheese is made by Tyne Chease with cashew nuts and spices. In picture, you can see the spicy recipe but my favorite one is Chives. Available in the Parisian vegan store Un Monde Vegan. Perfect on toasts or in sandwiches when I have almost no time to cook. + : raw, healthy fats, tasty.

Chocolate spread : My favorite chocolate spread is from Nuté+. I crave it from time to time, when I don’t eat enough fats (I’ve been on a high carb diet for years, even before becoming vegan). + : no palm oil, 15% of hazelnuts, sweetness of cashews.

Japanese tofu : My favorite tofu ever, it’s from Taifun and is commercialized in organic stores. I cut it into pieces for pizzas, savory bowls and sandwiches. + : ready-to-eat

Fake Meat : I only eat that out of curiosity, I love to try new foods. My favorite recipes are from Vegan Deli (sold in Monoprix stores in France), Tofurky (available at Un Monde Vegan) and Céréal Bio (traditional grocery stores). I think fried recipes taste better than slices, burgers and sausages most of the time but it all depends on tastes and brands and there are more and more new plant based products. + : lots of new products, ready-to-eat