Winter travel style January 16, 2018

Winter travel style in one outfit picture ! My main goal when I travel is to look like, at first sight, an expat in the worst case scenario. Not a tourist. It helps a lot not to get scammed, to relax and to fully enjoy living (temporarily)  in a new city. Let me explain.

Duffle bag with a crossbody strap
Best cabin luggage for me as I can always keep it with me even if I am the last to board (which often means no room left for luggage above passengers’ heads). I can easily figure out a way to put my big bag under the seats as the material is malleable. No worry, no rush. Also, no checked luggage = ability to get out of the airport fast and I only carry what is really necessary to enjoy my stay. I love the fact it looks like a gym bag at worst, not a touristy thing. Also, a lot of minimalists get backpacks. However, the ones I love are too small for winter so I carry them only during summertime.

Because I love black. Also because it’s easier to create stylish outfits and it keeps my packing minimal. Because you get way less random sketchy people’s attention. Still, it’s the most elegant color so you can go to any place without feeling judged. Low-key and flexible.

I don’t do scarves, I do knit cardigans that I can put around my neck.  Sneakers ? No need for me as I don’t hike during winter. I only pick chelsea boots with very comfy soles I put into (better than sneakers when it’s raining). I wear thick leggings as I can use them both as pyjamas and pants if needed (even under jeans if it gets very cold). No chunky knits, I’d rather practice layering so my outfits look different every single day, they are easy to wash and it’s the best option when you have to deal with inconsistent temperatures. I try to avoid tackiness so keeping outfits stylish and minimalist at the same time is my main goal when packing. Practicality is important but I want to wear the same outfits I wear in Paris abroad.

Top knot
It’s not healthy for hair to tight it even though it’s practical. The best deal I found is to do a top knot haircut : comfy and healthier.

Minimal beauty products
As I only travel with cabin luggage, I have a limited quantity of liquids allowed. That’s why my challenge is to keep things simple and healthy. I use a pure Ayurvedic soap for literally everything : hair, face, body. My deodorant is solid too. I bring coconut oil to moisturize my skin, brush my teeth, take care of burns etc. The only fancy product I got is my fragrance and I don’t pack the liquid version but the solid one. And sometimes mascara.

Ripped jeans
I don’t worry about damaging my jeans as they are already ripped. Travels make you change your routine so, at the end of the day, you might end up stressed out of the accumulation of tiny things that put you out of your comfort zone. To really enjoy to travel, I assume it’s important to take seriously every single tiny issue. I’ve been thinking about everything prior the travel so when I land, I feel relaxed. No need to worry when I got a back-up solution for everything. I can just go with the flow and have a look at my lists if I feel hesitant.

Big coat
Because it’s warm. Because I can deal with it as I got a crossbody bag as cabin luggage. Because I can hide a crossbody handbag under it. Because I don’t pack it so the size does not matter. Because I can wear my favorite one hands down anywhere in the world as, in the worst case scenario, I look like a fancy expat. The reason why I really don’t like to be seen as a tourist (at first sight) when I am travelling is for peace of mind and security reasons. From my experience, if you look like an expat, a business traveler or even a local, you don’t look like an easy target (for thieves, scammers, opportunists, whatever).